Physician Recommended Best Zumba Shoe: OESH

I recently was introduced to Zumba by OESHer, Ann Mangino, a Zumba expert and enthusiast who does Zumba as her go-to everyday workout.

Zumba is a Latin-inspired dance fitness program created by dancer Alberto Perez in Colombia during the 1990s who took it to the United States in the 2000’s where it has become very popular just these last two years. It involves dance and aerobic elements. Unlike a typical dance class where counts are used, Zumba involves following the music with repetitive movements. Zumba’s choreography incorporates hip-hop, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo, martial arts, and some belly dance moves.

Ann wanted to share her personal experience with wearing OESH.


OESH: The Best Zumba Shoe

by Ann Mangino

I’ve been going to Zumba since the craze began, having had six different instructors with all different styles. But the one thing that is consistent since owning my OESH shoes for the last six months is that now I don’t have feet pain. I’ve had severe plantar fasciitis in both heels and knee pain for nine years. But with OESH, not only can I do Zumba, I can do it ‘con todo mi cuerpo’ and have lost 32 pounds since wearing them. In class, everyone asks where I got my Zumba shoes because my OESH (I have the Black Classics) look similar to the shoes that our instructors wear. They enhance my Salsa steps… they give me a little spring with our bounce steps. And it’s as if they were especially made for the Merengue and Samba steps. They make me feel very secure doing the side steps whereas in my older shoes I found that movement difficult.

So if I have any advice for my fellow Zumba dancers, try OESH. You’ll love them. They’re cool for the younger dancers and a godsend for the over 40 crowd. They’re great for the beginner and lower impact dancers but even better for the advanced participants. For me, they have kept me moving, dancing, and having fun…without pain.

I’ll be a Zumba certified instructor next month and I’m recommending OESH to all my students.


I watched videos of several Zumba styles and tried my hand at dancing along. I understand why Ann has found OESH to be the ideal shoe for Zumba. The cantilevers compress and release in perfect tune with the quick foot movements from front to back and side-to-side. The compliance in OESH encourages that the right muscles are exercised with the least amount of stresses to joints. The absence of a cushioned impact provides excellent feedback as to the position of the foot providing superior foot / ankle stability while simultaneously stimulating optimal bone health. I can attest Ann’s viewpoint from both a biomechanical and physician standpoint: OESH is the best shoe for Zumba.

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  1. Ana Cole says:

    This article is great, but what about the treading? Supposedly for Zumba, you must have little treading and it’s best to have a pivot point. These shoes are used by a lot of runners, which is what you’re not supposed to wear for Zumba. So please tell me about the treading, because I’m really hoping these are the perfect shoes for me!


    • Casey says:

      Unlike a specialized running shoe, OESH has a smooth outsole with no treaded protrusions. This provides a flat surface across the entire weight bearing area, not just at a pre-specified pivot area – (my problem with having a specified pivot area is that the foot pivots across the entire width of the forefoot so that any tread protrusions outside the width of that circle, or any treads which are not in perfect line with one’s given center of rotation, can increase rotational torques). Of course the amount of traction on pivoting depends not just on the shoe outsole but also on the surface. A smooth hard surface (concrete or wood) provides less traction than a carpeted or rough asphalt surface, for example. Were you to find yourself doing Zumba on an especially sticky surface, you might try a product I’ve seen called “slip ons” that slip over the ball area of the foot or even a piece of duct tape strapped over the entire forefoot area. I’m not aware of any Zumba OESHers out there who have felt the need for that or tried that but that could be an option. In this case, those “slip-ons” will be better than duct tape so that you can easily pull them off and wear your OESH all the rest of the day!

  2. Ana Cole says:

    Thank you for the info! there’s not a lot out there about these shoes yet, not a lot of reviews or videos outside of the actual oesh website so it makes me a bit skeptical. I have soreness in my knees and muscles around them because of my high arches and my over pronation, so the chiropractor got these custom made inserts for me that have a hard arch so I’ll walk better I suppose? so I read on here that I won’t need them anymore with these shoes, I’m used to putting them inside all my closed shoes…and I guess I just don’t understand how not having anything in these would correct my overpronation? I don’t know if I make sense? lol I have only been comfortable in tennis shoes, I cannot wear high heels for more than 30 min without pain in the ball of the foot area, which is where all my pressure goes I think, all my shoes have indentations in that area from constant rubbing. I am wondering, with time and use, would the weight and pressure build up to where the oesh shoes’ gap starts to close on me? bc of my overpronation? I know it sounds silly, just a question…
    I have heard of the slip-ons. Where I will be doing zumba (I am a new instructor) is like a gym area at a high school, it’s the cafeteria. I guess I am just really thinking about the investment and if it’s worth the chunk of money on a pair of shoes. I want to make sure I make the best decision since there’s so many options out there now for “dancing” shoes which I am sure you’ve seen! some with split soles, no tread, much tread, pivot points, etc etc etc. it’s overwhelming. And I’ve been saving for a pair of shoes, I want to make sure I make the best decision. Also, what is the policy on them?

    Thanks again for all the help! I appreciate it!!


    • Casey says:

      Ana, thanks so much for your thoughts. Let me try and help as best I can here…but if we don’t get all of your questions answered to your satisfaction, please drop us an email: Here goes, in reverse order: Our return policy is excellent—we call it ‘no catch’, and though we infrequently get OESHers who desire to return them, it is easy: Also, please note that OESH SHIPPING IS FREE anywhere in the USA, another benefit we offer. OESH are wonderful for Zumba, as you can read from Ann’s testimonial above. But remember, OESH are designed as an All-Day shoe. This intentional versatility allows your workout to be in OESH, but just as importantly, the rest of your day to be spent in OESH. Go easy on the transition from your current footwear of course (you are going to be lighting up muscles that are not used to performing, so there will likely be some soreness), but the end result will be muscles that are improved greatly via OESH instead of stresses and strains transferred to your joints, tendons, and ligaments. So OESH is a great deal more than a narrowly slotted dance shoe—we of course believe that kind of value is compelling. The OESH Void is not going to close on you over time—this is the beauty of the architecture and carbon fiber manufacturing process. The OESH midsole maintains its effectiveness over time no matter how much you weigh or how your body balances itself during your movements. OESH will certainly be a vast improvement over your heels in terms of balancing your weight more appropriately during each instance of weight-bearing activity. As noted in this section of our website, OESH will be of benefit to your whole body regardless of whether you have high or low arches, over-pronate or under-pronate: In the case of high arches, OESH works by flexing alongside what little flexibility you have in your arch to achieve the maximum amount of compliance to your knees and the rest of your body. In the case of over-pronating, where you may be maxed out in regards foot and ankle muscle strength, not wearing orthotics will help engage and strengthen those muscles. Hope this helps!

  3. Ana Cole says:

    THANK YOU! I truly appreciate your insight and time. I have 2 last questions before I am sold! :)
    I read this in an article that you said:
    “When you walk or run, you land on the outside part of your foot and roll in. As you do that, the force moves along the outside part of your foot to the inside and then back out again.

    “I had to design something in the sole that is rigid when you first contact the ground and then compresses when your foot rolls to the inside. And it had to do this perfectly whether you weigh 80 pounds or 300 pounds.”

    So… If I do the opposite of that, will the design of the shoe still help me? because it sounds like you designed it the other way around. I know the article you posted about oesh helping all kinds of feet but I just need the little last reassurance :)
    Also, Are the molds like all regular shoes? because I am normally a 10 in tennis shoes and want to make sure I order the right size. I’m thinking they have to fit snug, not too loose and not too tight, right? I’m sorry, I must sound so ignorant to you!

    Thanks again and I am hoping I fall in love with them and they help me! maybe you could also invent a type of slipper with the carbon cantilevers for stay at home moms who don’t wear shoes inside the house 😉 just a thought hehe this is one of the reasons I don’t wear my orthotics as often as they tell me I should, because I don’t want to wear my dirty tennis shoes in the house while my baby crawls on the carpet.

    I already have like 10 people looking into these shoes, all my facebook friends are already asking.

    I am hoping I will get them here before Christmas so I can take them home (I’m from Mexico) during my visit and get my family, parents and friends into them too!

    Blessings and thanks for helping so many people.


  4. Ana Cole says:

    Me again. I got my questions answered though reading the FAQ and the testimonials. :)
    I am almost positive I will order them in the next few days. My husband was bummed they are not made in his size yet (13!) that’s huge lol. What colors will be released in 2012? I’m assuming design will stay the same and just more colors will be offered? More styles with the same concept would be awesome too!

    Anyways, thanks again and have a great week selling many many OESH!

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