We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high quality shoes while providing world class customer service.

Read reviews below or share your story with service@oeshshoes.com or on Facebook and Instagram.


We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high quality shoes while providing world class customer service. Read reviews below or share your story with service@oeshshoes.com or on Facebook and Instagram.


I have just received my very first pair of Oesh shoes.  I bought them after struggling (and losing) for 16 months with Plantar Fasciitis.  I have gone through the whole stretch, ice, rest, anti-inflammatories during all that time and recently “graduated” to steroid shots because the other stuff wasn’t helping.

For the past 7 days I have been limping when I walk because of the pain…..until today when I put my Oesh shoes on.  Even without the orthotics that the doctor said I would need to wear for the rest of my life, I was able to walk in my Oesh shoes with no pain and no limp!!!!!!  Super excited here!!!!

I do have a question about wearing the shoes:  I have noticed that as I walk in them, that it seems like some of the muscles in my feet and legs are starting to ache, like I have been exercising.  Is this my imagination?  Is it normal?  Should I continue wearing the shoes and not switch back to my old ones and the orthotics? (OESH ed. suggested Suzanne read this terrific BLOG on exercising your foot core/)…I read the article, which makes perfect sense, and explains everything. I have noticed the more I walk in my Oesh Miracle Shoes (strongly encouraging a brand name change here!  lol) that my PF will ache but it’s a good ache, like from exercise, not pain.

Thanks for the assistance and especially thanks for the life-changing shoes.

My puppy Riley thanks you as well because now he gets to go for walks which were impossible before these shoes!

Regards and Thanks for your help and LOVE YOUR SHOES!!!

-Suzanne and her (for the first time in 16 months) happy feet

Your shoes saved my life! I am very active and have had plantar fasciitis for about six years. Podiatrist care and physical therapy helped some but the problem continued until I discovered your shoes. My active lifestyle was restored and I tell everyone I know about how wonderful your shoes are…even my mother’s orthopedist! Thank you and keep making such great shoes!


Thanks!   Are you a real person, or is there more than one Bob?  You have the speediest customer service replies I’ve come across!  Way to go!  🙂

One more comment or two, and then I’m done.  It’s just that I believe in recognizing competence!  You’re not only speedy; your replies don’t seem so “canned” as the usual customer service replies.  And your enthusiasm for your product is evident.  Way to go!  Maybe your next career will be training customer service reps.




Each day my feet are getting used to the La Vida and I just received my pair of Athena and they feel great on the feet. I will continue to test them out. Funny, I put on my Hoka One shoes yesterday after wearing the La Vida for two hours and my feet were unbalanced and screaming in them.

Thanks again to Dr. Kerrigan for designing these shoes for women’s feet.

Kind regards,



I have been / am hopefully almost finished suffering from a really severe case of plantar fasciitis. I recently bought a pair of your purple shoes and I actually think they have helped cure me! I would now like a pair I can wear for work.

Many thanks in advance


Hi Bob and Casey and team,

Love those Athenas in Bulldog!

Happy Kellyn’s Boola Boola launch 🙂  – Yale is lucky to have you, girl, and it’s not just your parents who think so.

Ooh, so glad I ordered my new Athenas. Old ones still have miles to go on them, but the new sole design is soooo good. Subtle change, but now after a mile or so my feet aren’t scootching forward like they did a little with last year’s. Also, slight change in the recipe? this new sole seems like it will grip better in wet conditions, but I haven’t had a good test opportunity yet. Many thanks!

take care,



I just received my sandals.  I absolutely love them…I have been wearing a walking boot and my foot feels as good in this shoe as the boot.  I want to exchange this pair for another with longer straps.  I will be happy to ship this pair back.  Maybe I need a larger size.  This is a size 10.  Can I exchange it for an 11?

I will be waiting on instructions on what to do next. (OESH ed. We customized and sent a new pair of Athenas with longer straps…that now fit Tammy perfectly!)



Dear Bob and Casey,

I love your shoes- they’re super stylish and comfortable. I’ll be recommending them to all my friends in St Albans!

Best wishes,


I appreciate your kind customer support. I finally got my La Vida shoes after having to exchange the first pair for one size larger than my usual size. I am very satisfied and my feet are “happy feet” because they are extremely comfortable! Hmmm… I’m already thinking of my next pair.

Thank you,


Good Morning Bob!

Thanks So Much!!

Thanks for the official Welcome to Oesh as well!

Within days of thinking “it’s like my toes aren’t getting any blood to them” after a long run, I stumbled on Oesh and a VERY knowledgeable salesperson at Two Rivers Treads running shop in Martinsburg, WV.

This spring running season, I had been putting in several long runs and just kept having this feeling in my feet that was NOT good and I could NOT figure out.

Then after another long run — and having the same feeling again!! — that is when the thought crossed my mind “it’s like my toes aren’t getting any blood to them………is that even possible??”

I got to try to run in the Oeshs on the TruForm treadmill at the running shop and liked them. So I took a chance and bought them.

Within a week I had put in my first 15 mile effort ever!! in the Oesh.

I have been very happy with the shoe overall!

I was also happily surprised that on top of it ALL the shoe is so soft on the foot!!!!

All the running and exercise shoes I have ever had are just murder at some point on the feet— rubbing, blisters, itching, digging stitches— “until you break them in….”. If I ever could stand to wear them long enough to break in!!

So my mind is still a little boggled that such a sturdy, stable, even corrective shoe is so soft!!!

I hope the sandals work as well for me as the shoes!

Thanks again for your help with my order!

Finally, my husband is terribly jealous and he wears a men’s 14, so I hope a men’s line is in consideration………….

– Tabitha

Bob and other Oeshers,

I am happy and impressed by the Athena sandal and La Vida shoes I bought from Oesh. I have bunions, but by loosening the straps of the Athena sandals, there’s no problem. Then I have arthritis on the top of my feet, so I’ve always tried to have good arch support to prevent pain there. Much to my surprise, the flat soles of your shoes cause no arthritis pain. In fact, after wearing a sandal with arch support recently, I felt some pain. After switching to your sandal, it went away. Plus, I love the bounciness of the Athena sandal and it’s washability.

– Kathy


I have the La Vida v2.0.  These sandals look really nice, and I want to order them.  I have some foot problems including Morton’s neuroma in both feet.  The soles of these shoes are great; the most comfortable shoes I’ve found so far to walk in with all of the problems I’ve had with my feet, so thank you!

– Sandra


Yesterday I placed an order for LaVida v2.0 in oxford color.

These are the only shoes that work for me. I’m so thankful.  I have had foot problems- surgery, etc and have tried almost every shoe possible.

I’m able to enjoy my walking- my hobby and day to day activities again.  So many people have asked me about these shoes when I wear them.

Thanking you,

– Deborah

Hi Bob,

Both of us wore our Athenas in Vermont – Lake Champlain definitely needed them!

You were right; I seem to be wearing them about every day and noticing that my legs aren’t as tired at the end of a long day.  Thanks for such personal attention.

I hope all is well there,

– Linda

Bob, I did work in science for many years. How did you guess?;-)

I’ll cross my fingers that the 3rd pair is the charm. (OESH ed. It was!)

Thanks for the excellent customer service.  A rarity these days.

– Pam

Hello Bob,

I’d like to ask you if I wear 11 for La Vida what would my size be for the Athena sandals? (OESH ed. Rita is a size 10 in Athena or Artemis)

And how much time does it take the order to be shipped and arrive to Lebanon?

Thank you a lot.

I love your shoes, I bought them at first because of my plantar fasciitis. Now the condition is gone thanks to OESH. I wear them to college everyday, I wear them wherever I travel, I wear them when I cannot wear anything else because of foot pain. Thank you loads for making my everyday life foot-pain and back-pain free!

– Rita

Hi Bob, I’d be happy to connect with Katy and tell her we had so much fun with you guys that we’re returning in a couple weeks!  Speaking of which, I’ve got a nice collection of people…  some of whom came last time – they want more shoes!  SO yes, Aug 16th ‘KATHY GRAHAM RETURNING!’ is worth writing in BIG letters on your calendar…  and we most ALWAYS do a group yoga pose on our field trips, but for some reason we didn’t think about it when there…  a must on Aug 16th – with you all included… need to find someone to take the picture!

Also, thank you for sending me Casey’s blog from yesterday, adding me to the list of ‘famous people’ AWESOME!  We included her ‘two minute routine’ in this morning’s class (before seeing it)…  we just added some finger/hand/arm movements to it!

Lungingly yours,

– Kathy


I love my new Sage shoes.  Wore them all day walking in NYC (in the horrific heat and humidity last Friday) and they were very comfortable and the first day I had worn them.

If you ever need a recommendation/comment on the shoes or customer service just let me know.  Both are outstanding.


– Susan

Dear OESH,

Thank you thank you thank you for the shoes. I received the 8.5 today and after a 12 hr shift at work I wanted to see if the shoes could really make a difference. Well….I was able to walk my 2 miles in 30 mins. That is so good for me. I had no knee pain ankle pain or FOOT pain. These shoes are incredible!
Thanks again,

– Nette


I just bought my first pair of OESH shoes last weekend. Feet never felt better! I very quickly increased to an hour walk in my Wisteria La Vidas, and it feels like walking on clouds! Thank you!!!

– Elayne


I just bought my first pair of OESH shoes last weekend. Feet never felt better! I very quickly increased to an hour walk in my Wisteria La Vidas, and it feels like walking on clouds! Thank you!!!

– Elayne

You went over and beyond what i expected and I am so pleased with not only your customer service but your product as well. Thanks to you and your team.
With much appreciation,

– Cheryl

I am an 8 in your Athena and your clog. But I wear a 41 or a 9 in Lems running shoes. I really want the oxford color in your running shoes, but you don’t seem to have any 8.5 left so I was thinking I might try the size 9. What do you think?
I have to say, I love the Lems, but your shoes are a whole new foot experience. I had foot surgery for bone spurs on first metatarsal on right big toe almost two years ago and have other bone spurs and very “sensitive feet” my whole life. Bloody and blistered —that’s how I would describe my feet from shoes hence, all the issues with them now at 62 and very active. I will be starting to work again after not being able to do so because of my physical issues with spine and feet. It will require standing and using my body for an hour at a time. I really need more pairs of your shoes to give me the “spring” from gravity that my spine needs to stay decompressed and elongated. And my feet from not bleeding and aching. I can feel myself reaching up and away from the ground in your shoes!!!

The oxford color would be a good work option for me.

Thank you for following your passion—which will in turn—allow me to follow mine and not be in pain!!!

– Lucy

I have had plantar fasciitis for five years which flares up off and on. It is in the flare up stage right now. I am concerned about what size shoe to order.

I wear a dress or sandal size 7 medium shoe. I have special orthotics (sort of half size) that fit into my dress shoes. (I rarely wear heels as I am too uncomfortable walking in them). I also have full orthotics that I wear in my walking shoes. I found your discussion of how athletic shoes are not made for women extremely enlightening. Because I have full orthotics, I wear a size 8.5 walking shoe to give me enough toe room to comfortably walk.
It would be wonderful not to wear my orthotics but would like your advice about what size shoe to order and whether to wear them with orthotics or not. It might affect the size I order. Thanks for your assistance.

…and two years later, from September, 2015:
Thanks so much, Bob! You guys are the best! Have been bragging on these shoes for some time now. They have changed my life because my feet don’t hurt every day.
I have worn out my other three pair and really want to try the new color. Someone gifted me with the third pair. Also, I appreciate free (and fast!) shipping. All the best,

– Laura

Your customer service is the best only equaled by the wonderful LaVida Oxford shoes. Having knee/back problems and Morton’s Neuroma, I searched for a shoe which would address these issues, offering COMFORT and SUPPORT while being worn for various activities. These shoes meet my needs beautifully; it is a treat to wear them! Keep up your good work and further success will come to OESH!

– Judy

Hi, my name is Kimber, and I’d like to first tell you how amazing your shoes are. So, here goes. In my mid 30’s, I developed Morton’s Neuroma, passed down from my mother. She has it, my aunt has it, and it limits not only what shoes you can wear, but how long you can wear any shoes or even stay on your feet. I’ve searched for shoes or anything that would allow me to be more active again, even though I know I will never be able to run like I used to. When I ordered my first pair of Oesh shoes, La Vida v2.0 – deep wisteria, I put them on and it was like walking in fuzzy socks, they felt so great. This past summer, I started walking a lot, and I’m up to 5 miles a day! It’s amazing, a miracle! I can walk for 40 minutes before the pain begins, but if I walk twice a day, I can get the exercise I want and need on a daily basis, thanks to your shoes. So thank you so much for designing and selling them, you have literally changed my life in terms of physical activity. Thank you for listening and I am so grateful for your company, I love your shoes! I recommend them to everyone I know who has foot problems.

– Kimber

I have Morton’s neuroma and have suffered in both feet for 30 years. I had one operation but it grew back. Even as a youngster I had bad feet (pronated feet). I have searched for years to find shoes that specifically address Morton’s Neuroma and just last week located the OESH Shoes website. I ordered them, got them in two or three days and put them on last night. My world has changed. These shoes are unbelievable! Never in my life have I experienced comfort on my feet! I have had to wear all kinds of inserts, I have had several podiatrists prescribe orthotics which I paid a fortune for. I have purchased other orthotics at specialty stores and even at fairs. What a relief to have a pair of shoes that need no inserts. My bad feet have held me back from exercise, running, standing on my feet for long periods, traveling where a lot of walking is required. I have paid a fortune on shoes I couldn’t wear. These shoes are a miracle. My friend has similar problems and after telling her about the shoes last night, she ordered two pairs. I will be buying more as well! Thank you!

– Lis

Thank you so much for the quick response. The first pair of Oeshs that I purchased I had only worn them a few days when I found that we were going to Universal Studios in Orlando Florida. Hoping that I made the right choice I decided to wear my new Oeshs. I was on my feet for twelve hours and not once did I have any problems. They are the most comfortable shoe that I own.
Thank you again,

– Pam

I don’t know what I would have done had I not found OESH a year ago to deal with my neuroma…I applaud you and thank you all. You allow me to continue to do what I love most, which is stand on my feet in my kitchen and cook, sometimes for hours!

– Sue

Hi Bob,
I am overdue in sending this rave: I DO love love love the Athenas. Great feel, great fit, great look, puts a whole new bounce in my summer. I feel like I am walking on air at my son’s 3 day lacrosse tournament at Colgate University. Stand all game? Carry the cooler for miles? No problem!

Thank you, Kellyn for the quick fix, and I am rooting for you in The Great College Quest. That school in New Haven could use a make-it-happen person like you. (See “Risky Business” if you haven’t already, even though the writers’ choice of ideal college was a little off. It will also explain why Tom Cruise got to be such a star before he went completely gonzo.)

– Carson

Hello from Canada

I just wanted to let you know that since I started wearing the OESH tennis shoes I have lost 1/2 size in shoe size. I have worn orthopaedic shoes, had very expensive inserts fit for me over many years and had the supportive shoes that also cost a small fortune.

I have metatarsal osteoarthritis along with fallen arches and pronated feet.

Now that I wear OESH shoes I have rebuilt the muscles in my arches and because of this my feet are back to my smaller size and stronger. The osteoarthritis bothers me much less.

I am a nurse and work 8 hr shifts and they prefer I wear white leather when possible but have been wearing you tennis shoes. If you have a call for nurses shoes it would be awesome to have white leather elites.

I never leave reviews but these are worth a word from a very satisfied customer.

Thank you!

– Susan

Great Sandals! I don’t know what magic you did with these sandals, but all the problems are gone- fits my foot, no slipping and sliding- fits perfectly. I’ll wear them around the house a bit and it feels really comfortable.

By the way, the Wisteria are great exercise for the legs and thighs- took a 4 mile walk and really felt a good healthy exercise stretch.
Thanks oh patient one,

– Batya

I haven’t been able to take the Elites off since receiving them.

I have literally lived in my original pair of Oeshs all spring, summer, and fall–at least when I’m not at work–so I’m very glad indeed to have a pair of leather Oeshs that I can wear for the office and for winter (that covers just about every shoe season/opportunity).

Thank you again for everything! I truly appreciate all that you’ve done to help get me your remarkable shoes. Have a wonderful 2016!

All best,

– Sarah

Awesome!!! Thank you for the discount!! You guys worked out the kinks on the Athenas—I wore these this morning for a 90 min brisk walk with no blisters, no Mortons neuroma pain, and no clanking like the older model. I LOVE them!! They are so light and fit so perfectly, like wearing nothing–same orthopedic relief of foot pain as with earlier generation Oesh, but lighter and easier to wear.

– Nancy

Bob your prompt reply was great, thanks! I just went ahead and ordered a pair, and, have sent out notes to all my friends w/ailing feet… I won’t say they number in legions, but, there’s a bunch. We are going away Friday for ten days, so I cannot come in on Saturday. I am in hopes the shoes arrive b/f leaving and that they fit so I can take them with me. If they don’t that’s OK, we’ll have someone getting our mail and I can try them when we get home. There’s perhaps a gender thing with women and shoes and I think you addressed many great points in your site as well as the DP article. Years of literal abuse has caused such dysfunction and pain, so these new designs are really exciting. And if the first pair we try doesn’t work, we’ll try another.

Thank you so much,

– Sandy

Hey Bob!

I loved my Elites so much that I just ordered the LaVida v2.0 Oxford.

Can’t wait to receive them! The soles on these shoes are amazing. I love wearing my Elites!!! Thanks again for the great customer service!

Warm regards,

– Barb