I really like your new Elites! They look great and I think they will be very comfortable. I hope they sell well for you – they certainly should. Next up, some sort of boot? (Winter in New England, for some of us…)

Judy —

Judy owns three pair of OESH including our new Elites

Hi, my name is Kimber, and I’d like to first tell you how amazing your shoes are. So, here goes. In my mid 30’s, I developed Morton’s Neuroma, passed down from my mother. She has it, my aunt has it, and it limits not only what shoes you can wear, but how long you can wear any shoes or even stay on your feet. I’ve searched for shoes or anything that would allow me to be more active again, even though I know I will never be able to run like I used to. When I ordered my first pair of Oesh shoes, La Vida v2.0 – deep wisteria, I put them on and it was like walking in fuzzy socks, they felt so great. This past summer, I started walking a lot, and I’m up to 5 miles a day! It’s amazing, a miracle! I can walk for 40 minutes before the pain begins, but if I walk twice a day, I can get the exercise I want and need on a daily basis, thanks to your shoes. So thank you so much for designing and selling them, you have literally changed my life in terms of physical activity. Thank you for listening and I am so grateful for your company, I love your shoes! I recommend them to everyone I know who has foot problems.

Kimber —

Kimber owns two pair of La Vida including the deep wisteria.

Bob- I appreciate your response. I did a lot of research and plan on buying the 3D printed sling back sandal ( Athenas ). My sweet wife Karen is my world and she’s been through a lot over the past couple years. I sent back $300 dollars of Kuru brand shoes over that one pair of OESH brand. Your founder who studied/ designed at Harvard is a genius! My wife’s feet are getting better everyday because of your shoes. She’s had 2 rounds of cortisone shots from a podiatrist to no avail. Only the shoes have helped. Something Peyton Manning should look into with the Denver Broncos. I’m a loyal customer and you’ll be seeing more orders from me in future. Many thanks and Happy Holidays to you Sir!

Patrick —

Patrick has purchased two pair of La Vida and our new Elites

Hi Bob. I have been traveling for 5 weeks now, Thailand first, now Nepal and have been wearing the Athena’s everyday. And everyday, my son asks me, are those comfortable? Everyday, I assure him they are. Today, I asked him why do you keep asking me. His reply was “Because sandals aren’t comfortable enough to wear every day for 5 weeks. Of course my reply was “Ones from OESH are”. Thanks for developing such great footwear. As I mentioned I am in Nepal now and have been hiking the foot hills of the Himalayan’s in my Athena’s. Foot hill going here is equivalent to hiking the Grand Canyon, South Kaiab trail with an additional 5% angle, in other words steep. Also, you walk on embedded rocks with significant top exposure. So, very difficult terrain. The sandals have performed wonderfully. The grip was exceptional for the most part, nor have I developed any skin abrasions. Quick rinse in the shower with me and they look like new. Structurally, they have maintained their integrity. Bottom line, thank you for a wonderful product.

Liz —

Liz owns two pair of La Vida and the Athena Maroon

Hi Bob, I want you to know I’ve been waiting for these shoes for a long time—ever since I bought my first pair of OESH, that is. I was hoping you’d come out with a snazzy leather pair. And, here they are! 🙂 They look great! I am just glad that I have something I can wear that are not sneakers, especially for holidays when spending hours on my feet in the kitchen (like when the company arrives). FYI, I’ve gotten rid of all my Danskos and other offenders. I can wear a few of my other shoes (thank God I can still wear my Lucchese boots), knowing I can deal with a short-term bit of discomfort and go back to my OESH the next day and all is well. I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t found you guys. This, from a former shoeaholic. Maybe that’s why I now own 5 pair of OESH. Lol. Thanks!

Sue —

Sue owns five pair of OESH, including our new Elites

Congratulations to Everyone at OESH! The Elites arrived moments ago and are delightful! So far, no pain, right out of the box, though I do need to wear a thicker sock for sizing. Thank you ever so much for such a wonderful shoe,

Roni —

Roni owns two pair of La Vida and our new Elites

I received my new Elite shoes and love them.

Cynthia —

Cynthia owns two pair of La Vida and our new Elites

Just wanted to let you know that my new shoes are here and I love them! They feel great and I can tell a difference in my balance. I’m not all out of kilter anymore. Wow! Thanks for all your help.

Kate —

Kate owns a pair of charcoal La Vida

I can’t wait to wear my Elites. I was one happy girl when I saw them.

Sandy —

Sandy owns the saguaro La Vida and our new Elites

Oh my gosh, THANK YOU!!! I have been WAITING a long time for you to make one of these!!! Obviously, I just placed my order. I can’t wait to have something other than sneakers to wear to work!!! You are the best!

Patricia —

Patricia owns 7 pair of OESH, including the new Elites