OESHers say

I am an 8 in your Athena and your clog. But I wear a 41 or a 9 in Lems running shoes. I really want the oxford color in your running shoes, but you don’t seem to have any 8.5 left so I was thinking I might try the size 9. What do you think?
I have to say, I love the Lems, but your shoes are a whole new foot experience. I had foot surgery for bone spurs on first metatarsal on right big toe almost two years ago and have other bone spurs and very “sensitive feet” my whole life. Bloody and blistered —that’s how I would describe my feet from shoes hence, all the issues with them now at 62 and very active. I will be starting to work again after not being able to do so because of my physical issues with spine and feet. It will require standing and using my body for an hour at a time. I really need more pairs of your shoes to give me the “spring” from gravity that my spine needs to stay decompressed and elongated. And my feet from not bleeding and aching. I can feel myself reaching up and away from the ground in your shoes!!!

The oxford color would be a good work option for me.

Thank you for following your passion—which will in turn—allow me to follow mine and not be in pain!!!

Lucy —

Lucy owns a pair of Maroon Athena Sandals and a pair of size 9 La Vida v2.0 Oxfords

Bob your prompt reply was great, thanks!  I just went ahead and ordered a pair, and, have sent out notes to all my friends w/ailing feet… I won’t say they number in legions, but, there’s a bunch.  We are going away Friday for ten days, so I cannot come in on Saturday.  I am in hopes the shoes arrive b/f leaving and that they fit so I can take them with me.  If they don’t that’s OK, we’ll have someone getting our mail and I can try them when we get home.  There’s perhaps a gender thing with women and shoes and I think you addressed many great points in your site as well as the DP article.  Years of literal abuse has caused such dysfunction and pain, so these new designs are really exciting.  And if the first pair we try doesn’t work, we’ll try another.

Thank you so much,

Sandy —

Sandy bought the La Vida v2.0 Rococco

Hi Rob,

I have been wear my new Oesh Jet Blacks for a week now, 7.5 is perfect size for me.  Those shoes are light weight, lots toe space,  looks great too.  I don’t have any pain in my feet during my working hours.

Thank you so much for all your help!

Li —

Li loves her pair of the OESH Jet Black Elites

Dear Bob,

I can’t thank you enough for your follow through on this.  I’ve printed the label and will take care of this today.  If the universe had more folks like you, doing their best to help people, the world would be a sweeter place.

You’re the best,

Randy —

Randy purchased a pair of Deep Wisteria La Vidas

Awesome! I didn’t expect a response until tomorrow, I am very impressed!

Thank you so much for all your help, I’ve been having foot issues for so long, I really had despaired of ever finding a shoe that wouldn’t hurt my feet!


I am very, very happy!!!

Vicki —

Vicki is enjoying her La Vida v2.0 Oxfords

Pretty in Pink & I’m feeling fine…and I neglected to mention the most stylish & useful new addition – the backpack. A huge thank you.

Kudos for originality plus!

Jean —

Jean owns 5 pairs of OESH Originals, 3 pairs of the La Vidas, a pair of the Elites, and added her second pair of Athenas with the Hot Pink

Hey Bob!


I loved my Elites so much that I just ordered the LaVida v2.0 Oxford.

Can’t wait to receive them!    The soles on these shoes are amazing.     I love wearing my Elites!!!

Thanks again for the great customer service!

Warm regards,

Barb —

Barb owns the OESH Elites and a pair of our Oxford La Vidas

Hello from Canada

I just wanted to let you know that since I started wearing the OESH tennis shoes I have lost 1/2 size in shoe size. I have worn orthopaedic shoes, had very expensive inserts fit for me over many years and had the supportive shoes that also cost a small fortune.

I have metatarsal osteoarthritis along with fallen arches and pronated feet.

Now that I wear OESH shoes I have rebuilt the muscles in my arches and because of this my feet are back to my smaller size and stronger. The osteoarthritis bothers me much less.

I am a nurse and work 8 hr shifts and they prefer I wear white leather when possible but have been wearing you tennis shoes. If you have a call for nurses shoes it would be awesome to have white leather elites.

I never leave reviews but these are worth a word from a very satisfied customer.

Thank you!

Susan —

Susan owns 2 pairs of our White Sand La Vidas and when out of the hospital now wears our Phantom Athena Sandals