Not a waffle iron

The innards of one of the press irons used in our OESH Factory here in Virginia, U.S.A. to make the midsole. 

These irons are used to shape and cure large sections of carbon fiber after they have been wound and before they have been cut to their final form. A far cry from the “waffle irons” still used to make most athletic shoe soles, the OESH manufacturing process is similar to what is also used to make rockets, not waffles.

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  • Bill Pollard

    My Chiropractor is very interested in your shoes. He looked at mine today and was pointing out the benefits of the shoes the way you did. He also has some background in Biomechanics. He has your web address and hopefully will be in touch.

    If something works out, I will be glad to deliver shoes for you as I will be seeing him probably twice a week and my daughter is there about four times a week.
    Continued success,


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