Brand New…introducing the NRC

Too Cool.

We learned yesterday that some extremely intelligent and thoughtful professionals were launching a fabulous new site named the Natural Running Center at

The NRC promises to be a superb resource, central to the sophisticated give-and-take presently growing like wildfire throughout the athletic footwear (especially running and walking) world. Of course, all at OESH are flattered that Casey (who is one of the Advisors, by the way) was invited to be the kick-off authority for the first Ask The Experts question. And it is a great question, which motivates us to fast-track the production of a men’s shoe for OESH, too. Stay tuned for that bad boy.

With a collection of knowledge like this, Is there any doubt that the NRC is going to kick ass and take names?

2 replies on “Brand New…introducing the NRC

  • Casey

    Thank you for the comment, Mark! It is so wonderful to start seeing the real science taking a hold on what we put (or don’t put) on our feet.

  • Mark Cucuzzella MD

    Thanks for the post OESH. Casey, you are one of the true leaders who started this discussion over a decade ago…we hope to bring the knowledge of the science side with the experience of the people together to simply give folks permission to try running in less and more functional shoes (and barefoot).
    After that they figure out what works best for them.




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