The Story of OESH in the Charlottesville Daily Progress

Things have been crazy busy since Sunday when this article on OESH was published in our local newspaper, the Charlottesville Daily Progress. Dave Maurer, who composed the article, is an amazing writer. After spending a bit of time with me and Bob, he whipped up what I believe to be the best story of OESH ever told.

With the flood of local orders from the article, we decided on the spur of the moment to give the option for picking up shoes right at the factory. That gave me the opportunity to see that smile when you put on OESH for the first time. And as of today we now even have a real shoe horn! (When someone asked for one yesterday, Bob was afraid I was going to offer up my crow bar).

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  • Jean

    I bought two pairs of shoes from you yesterday, and got 8.5’s. After wearing the Lizards in the house yesterday afternoon, I believe I need 9’s. The ends of my toes were feeling the ends of the shoes. I think you noticed that when you felt the ends of my toes in the shoe yesterday, and I should have paid attention to that.

    Is it possible for me to bring them back to you Friday and swap them out for the next size up? I have one pair of black and one pair of green.

    I LOVE these shoes!


  • Cindy

    So glad to see you will have ‘factory hours’ next week too…I was going to write to ask if there was somewhere we could pick them up instead of mailing. I can’t make it tomorrow but will be in next week! Please confirm the hours you plan on being open…thanks so much…can’t wait!

    • Casey

      Yes! We’ll have factory hours next week on Monday and on Friday from 10 am until 2 pm.
      We understand that our address, 705 (Suite E) Dale Avenue, is very accessible via GPS. Note that our suite is on the lower level of the building, accessed from a parking lot just north of Dale Avenue.

  • Pat Hurst

    I live in charlottesville and would like to pick up a pair of these shoes for women. Please tell me where and when.


    • Casey


      Thanks for reading the article! Isn’t David a superb writer? We really enjoyed meeting him! The local demand has been crazy-good…so we have “factory hours” all this week (and will likely have them next week, too) as follows:

      WE (8/10/11): 10:00-1:00
      TH (8/11/11): 12:30-2:30
      FR (8/12/11): 10:00-2:00

      The address is 705 Dale Av Suite E (the lower level of the building accessed via a parking lot just north of Dale Av between Albemarle Street and Forest Street). See you there…we’ll be winding the carbon fiber when you visit!


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