A Typical Day At the OESH Factory

When in the factory, I’m usually in high concentration mode. Something about those hot and heavy mandrels (you’ll see), all that 480 volt equipment, and a saw that can cut through six inches of steel if I’m not careful, that keeps me very focussed. Admittedly though, my mind does sometimes wander to scenes of I Love Lucy and Laverne and Shirley, and today, I found time to fiddle around with my new iPad that I learned can take video, so here goes…

4 replies on “A Typical Day At the OESH Factory

  • Kathleen

    Nice to see where my babies were born. Also, I was telling the guy at the front desk of my gym about my OESH and that he should check them out and 2 days later he told me his mother had ordered them! He wears a size 13 so he’ll have to wait…

    • Bob


      You are a scream. Any time you want to hitch a ride on one of those carbon fiber laden aeroplanes and visit us here at hq, you can come on in and make a few of these bad boys yourself. I know Casey would love to show you how that water-saw works! Imagine that…fresh OESH!

      As always, many thanks–we all appreciate you turning Northern California onto OESH!


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