OESH in 2012…On top of the world!

Welcome to 2012. And here is our Annual Business Plan™: The volume in our first year was heavy. Along the way, many of you told us that you would like a broader array of OESH styles, like…uh…a sandal to wear in the summer…so later this year we plan on a few additions to our awesome all-day athletic line. Clearly, there is an overwhelming need for evidence-based footwear, and we feel fortunate that OESH is the only shoe that can supply this unique demand. Indeed, the s-h-o-e is being reinvented with every set of O-E-S-H cantilevers we make here in Virginia, USA.

Stay tuned for those new styles–and for those of you not ‘on it’, certainly jump onto our emailing list (service@oeshshoes.com) so you will hear the details about that limited availability first.

Meanwhile, the OESH you see looking at Lake Michigan from the viewing deck of Chicago’s (formerly named) Sears Tower reminds me of the wild summer job I had in 1978–as a janitor in that very building, then the tallest in the world. 108 stories is still rare air if you ask me…

2 replies on “OESH in 2012…On top of the world!

  • Bob

    Sally: You bet you can try on the different sizes. We’ll get you set up…and even cooler, you will see the world-class factory in action AND get to chat for a while with Casey. The ‘factory outlet’ is truly a great experience. Cannot wait to see you there! -Bob

  • Sally Askew

    I live here in Charlottesville and can’t wait to visit your factory. Will I
    be able to try on different sizes there?



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