Plantar fasciitis and Dwyane Wade–What took so long?

Glancing through the sports news this morning, I was reminded again of the value of one of the most popular posts Casey wrote last year: OESH: A sustainable treatment for plantar fasciitis

The science, logic, and medical sensitivity of her thorough discussion of why a measured use of OESH offers a reasonable shot at licking this condition (buttressed by so many of your own comments and emails), contrasts sharply with much ado on the Florida sports pages today over basketball superduperstar Dwyane Wade and his recent foot ailments, quietly “rumored” to be plantar fasciitis. We should take a vote on this…How do we really feel about this dude’s issue? He is paid millions (not a typo) to shill footwear–googling ‘dwyane wade footwear’ brings over a thousand (not a typo) images of psychedelic colored basketball shoes into your computer screen.

EACH of Wade’s shoes (about 2% of which are shown) features the trademark high heel of this brand’s finest…the first ticket on a one-way trip to foot immobilization and the long-term health consequences of poor footwear choices. Learn how OESH footwear is made to help issues like plantar fasciitis.

All we can offer to help Mr. Wade, who despite the noise he makes, still has to contend with lousy footwear choices, is Discover OESH in 2012!

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