Why I love my shoes

OESH is always flattered beyond measure when you take the time to say “thank-you”. It means even more when you put it in the form of an email–and we try to post as many comments as we can on the ever-growing OESHers SAY page of testimonials.

But every once in a while, we want to give proper space to a unique OESHer–and today’s post is one of those neat opportunities. Overcoming flat feet, told previously that she over-pronates, and worst of all battling plantar fasciitis, Lisa Graziano not only loves her OESH, she wrote a blog about them on her website. Lisa is in the midst of training for Charlottesville’s 10-miler held every spring. And she credits OESH with so much love, we are beaming with pride.

Go Lisa!

4 replies on “Why I love my shoes

  • Jennifer

    I am visiting your site because of Lisa’s blog! The things she said really resonated with me so I had to come check you out. I’d like to order a pair…I wear size 9 in regular shoes (heels, sandels, etc.) and a 10 in my New Balance 940 Running Shoe…so should I maybe try a 9.5?

    • Bob

      Heh Jennifer:

      Thanks for visiting us. Yes, Lisa is a wonderful writer–the truth simply JUMPS out of her words. OESH are very “true” to typical athletic shoe sizing for length, although you will instantly discover they fit better. It’s a subtle but wonderful feature of making a shoe anatomically accurate for WOMEN, orchestrated by a WOMAN. All to say, order a 9.5 for starters–though if it is slightly off our returns policy is the best in footwear. We call it ‘no catch’ because it is–just let us know and we will get you a FedEx label that day so you can return your 9.5 and we will get a 10 out to FedEx at the same time for you. And all this shipping is free.

      Welcome to OESH!

  • Kathleen


    Enjoyed your blog posting about OESH. I wear them too and love them. Looking forward to the rest of the planet discovering these shoes.


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