OESH visits Prague’s Charles Bridge–Dobry den!

Now more than 650 years old, the magnificent Charles Bridge was the scene of a recent excursion by Tremendous OESHer Jean McCarthy.

Able to withstand every conceivable river issue through the centuries, it is rumored that the mortar within the Bridge was made with a high component of egg yolks, perhaps accounting for its remarkable staying power over the oft-flooding Vltava.

We’ll keep this in mind if we run into a resin shortage while making the cantilevers.

2 replies on “OESH visits Prague’s Charles Bridge–Dobry den!

  • Busszz Buszly

    When we took this photo we didn’t realize we’d put the shoe on a ledge below a famous statue on the bridge. We were trying to get just the right shot and it took 2-3 tries. When we finished we turned around to find this whole tour group standing behind us watching. Awkward….


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