OESH wins SHAPE Magazine Shoe Award–Best for Everyday Wear!!!

This has been a banner month for OESH. Joining other elite publications in noting our ever-widening influence with a superior footwear choice, the April, 2012 SHAPE Magazine cover promotes SHAPE TESTED The Best New Sneakers, a story which awards

14 winners from 45 tested in the SHAPE Shoe Awards 2012

OESH was picked #1 (Best for Everyday Wear), and this is what SHAPE says on page 82:

“Carbon-fiber beams in the midsole compress as your heel and forefoot hit the ground, decreasing shock on your body. ‘My back usually aches after an hour-long stroll,’ said one walker, ‘but not in this sneaker.'”

How cool is that–our first year out there and OESH is winning awards! From cool magazines, too! No doubt, OESHers are recognized as being in…the Best SHAPE of all.

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