Capturing those firsts

Capturing “firsts” is frequently an art form. For example, this week I failed to capture a picture of our youngest daughter Zoe, on stage at her school play.

But I have succeeded in capturing some awesome firsts. This is of our oldest daughter Jayme, in my first gait laboratory back at Harvard, taking some of her first steps…ever. Jayme’s walking over an embedded force plate that, along with the motion sensors she’s wearing, capture forces during walking (I didn’t make her sign the waiver, shhhhhh…).

And here’s an OESHer taking her very first steps in OESH at the factory, amidst boxes of some of the first sole bottom parts and cantilever assembling processes.

In the same moments I missed a picture of Zoe up on stage, we both missed out on seeing Jayme, now 15 and a sophomore, playing in her first lacrosse game of the season. Apparently, we missed some terrific firsts…like her nine goals and four assists. Argh. Well, let’s hope there’s art in being persistent enough to see her play her next game!

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