New Contest: OESHer of the Week!

We do make some pretty fantastic shoes here at OESH, but lately we’ve been wanting to find out more about the fantastic people wearing them. OESHers, as Bob told me to call them, email us and come into the factory all the time with stories to tell, and we think they deserve telling.

Specifically, we are starting an “OESHer of the Week” series as part of our regular blog to feature some of the amazing women (and men) who not only have great taste in shoes, but more importantly go on to do things worth talking about. Every Thursday we’ll post about a new OESHer of the Week, who will receive some sort of shoe-related prize (we haven’t decided what yet) in addition to world renown and internet stardom.

This week’s OESHer of the Week is none other than my mom, Dr. Mary Evans. Hooray for nepotism!

Mary is our first OESHer of the Week because she gave me life and has been a devoted OESHer since this whole shoemaking thing started. She just bought her fourth pair of OESH, size 11 Plum Sandals, on a visit to the factory last week, telling us they’re her favorite so far. Mary loves to travel, and says that wearing her OESH shoes helps her back and knees feel better so she can explore more without worrying about pesky chronic pain.

In her professional life, Mary runs a successful long-term care practice in Charlottesville and takes care of nursing home patients like nobody’s business. She also does some consulting work for different healthcare companies to improve the quality of care within their buildings, and gives talks around the country to educate the medical community and the public about aging and how to make the “golden years” extra golden.

Aside from being an awesome doctor, Mary kicks booty at cooking (especially Indian food), gardening, parenting, and wearing shoes. She plays a mean mandolin, and speaks fluent French and German.

Congrats to Mary Evans for being featured as our very first OESHer of the Week winner!

If you would like to nominate someone you know for OESHer of the Week, email with their name, contact information, and what makes you think they’re the bee’s knees… get it? Bonus points for a picture of said nominee wearing their favorite pair of OESH.

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