OESH Sells Out! Classic 10s join Classic 11s as official Collector’s Items

More good news on the frontier of OESH sales. Though we have been selling a ton of Sandals this summer, we officially sold the last pair of size 10 OESH Classics yesterday. Again, Many Thanks to all of you who helped make this happen!

As we wrote in May when the Classic 11s sold out, the OESH philosophy is to create only Limited Edition quantities of our various patterns and colors. Maintaining a freshness to the availability is good for all of us–you might even say it keeps OESH management on its toes (ba dum dum, kissssssssh) to keep up with your demand. In the meanwhile, for those of you in the size range of these Classic sellouts, there are still OESH Lizards, size 10 and size 11, available.

Also, to emphasize the increasing international business we’ve been growing, it’s fun to note that we’ve sold a bunch of OESH into Australia. But this morning, we awoke to an order from a new OESH-Australian province. In honor of OESHer Taz-Looney Tunes.svgPatricia, we’ll leave you with this photo for now…but stay tuned, we’re off to make more Sandals…

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