OESH Goes West and Comes Back to More Amazing Natural Occurrences

Last weekend we took a quick jaunt to Arches National Park in Utah, near Grand Junction, Colorado, where we helped celebrate a friend’s wedding.

We went for a run in the park. 

Casey had a chance to put her feet up but couldn’t stop working on OESH. Here’s a picture she took of the new OESH sports sandal she’s been working on. What do you think?

During the week back at home, Casey focused on getting the computer controlled milling machine hooked up and turned on. No small task — it took her the better part of the week to get it running and then, fortunately, powered back down before a big unexpected storm came in that caused substantial power outage in Virginia.Trees came down all over Charlottesville. This one that got uprooted in our yard has to be at least 200 years old. The trunk is about four feet in diameter. Fortunately, it landed in the woods where there were no people or houses. Those settlers knew what they were doing, clearing those trees around the houses!

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