Running Insight magazine gushes about OESH

Many OESHers love, love, LOVE running in OESH! As the word gets around, we weren’t surprised when the major trade journal of running stores, Running Insight, asked to visit the factory and interview Casey. Writer Max Lockwood did a swell job, and you can read


his effort on pages 15 and 16 of this July 3 issue.

The story highlights Casey’s extraordinary credentials–Harvard Medical School graduate, University of Virginia professor and department chair, engineer of the OESH product–as well as touting our sophisticated manufacturing facility. And though it’s most certainly true that we offer the ONLY athletic footwear midsole Made in the USA, we were less than thrilled that RI mistakenly published a url for OESH that sends you to a website where you might expect to see Homer Simpson eating a doughnut. Nonetheless, you are reading this on the one-and-only website, and we are psyched that you continue to tell your friends about the wonderful running and walking experiences you’ve had in OESH…and we’ll do our best to keep up with the increased demand!

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