OESHer of the Week 7/26: Anne Newman!

This week’s featured OESHer, Anne Newman, came into the factory on Monday to show us the pair of black Classics she had bought last August (that’s her husband, James, in the background):

We were a little shocked to see how wrecked Anne’s OESH were until she mentioned casually that she had put “about a thousand miles” on them – 1,000 FREAKING MILES – in less than a year. Even though the rubber outsoles had been worn down quite a bit, the carbon fiber cantilevers were hanging in there, and the uppers didn’t look too much worse for the wear. What’s more, Anne was still in love with her shoes and couldn’t wait to get a new pair (but we might recommend replacing your OESH a little sooner). So major props to this hardcore runnerista (that’s a real word, as of now) for going the extra mile, pun intended, to make the rest of us look extra lazy.

Congrats to Anne Newman for clinching the OOTW title with her can-do attitude and can’t-stop running regimen!

If you would like to nominate someone you know for OESHer of the Week, email ellaevans@oeshshoes.com with their name, contact information, and what makes you think they’re the bee’s knees… get it? Bonus points for a picture of said nominee wearing their favorite pair of OESH.

(In other news, last week’s OOTW appeared on WVTF’s news program to talk about anti-psychotic drug abuse in area nursing homes – check out the article here! http://www.wvtf.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1940%3Aanti-psychotic-drugs-in-nursing-homes&catid=48%3Awvtf-news&Itemid=119)

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