OESHer of the Week 8/16: Grace Lefebure!

Our OESHer of the Week this morrow, Grace Lefebure, was a star student in last year’s “OESH / University of Virginia Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Senior Design Course” where, for her senior thesis, she helped design and implement tools and processes to streamline manufacturing at OESH. As the only woman in the group, she’s easy to spot in older blog posts here and here. Since graduating from UVa, Grace has been working in the structures product development group at Boeing. Boeing! The one with the airplanes!

Joking aside, we at OESH commend Grace for following her engineering dreams, using her talent and brilliant mind to pursue innovation in such a rapidly advancing technological field. In addition to, in her words, “working on state-of-the-art aircraft wings,” Grace has been taking training classes on composite materials – including the very same carbon fiber we use to make the cantilevers in our shoes – and learning about their diverse applications to expand on the knowledge she gained from working for us.

And, for extra extra fabulousness points, Grace still runs every day in her Lizard Classics, and sent us this adorable picture of her on Washington’s Alki Beach to prove it:

Congrats, girl, and keep making us proud on your journey to engineerdom!

If you would like to nominate someone you know for OESHer of the Week, email ellaevans@oeshshoes.com with their name, contact information, and what makes you think they’re the bee’s knees… get it? Bonus points for a picture of said nominee wearing their favorite pair of OESH.

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