New Course Record: Celebrity Endorser Trains in OESH

We make OESH for real stories. And we surely don’t look for puffy pro sports types to inspire us. Instead of following some yokel clubbing little white balls in the sand, we’ve got Kellyn Kusyk, who’s been training exclusively in OESH for a year and a half.

In her first high school cross-country tri-meet, running on a fairly difficult course (But aren’t all cross country courses difficult?), freshman Kellyn not only won, but set a course record with a time of 20:54. Kellyn was gauging her move for 19 and a half minutes, on the leader’s shoulder in second place, all the way until that last quarter mile. Then she pulled something out of nowhere, an extra gear no one knew she had. In those final few hundred yards, both girls were sprinting–but somehow Kellyn sprinted faster. So much faster in fact, that she won by a full 6 seconds.

Kellyn (orange) takes first, Louisa (white & green) finishes second

But there’s more. Her whole team won–the first tri win in four years for Charlottesville High. The fact that Kellyn’s older sister, Jayme, a junior who also trains in OESH, is captain of her team, undoubtedly has something to do with this. The Charlottesville girls team has a record 25 runners this year! And they all ran great, each in their own way. But especially it was Kellyn’s Run to Win that gives us the best inspiration of all.

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