NSBE Bridge features OESH–3rd magazine article this month!

The National Society of Black Engineers magazine for pre-college students, NSBE Bridge, presented a fine article by Peter Slavin describing the nasty long-term consequences for women wearing high-heeled shoes in the just-published Fall, 2012 edition. Of course, the central point of the article was tethered to Casey’s research on the devastating impact on the knee joints for high heel wearers: “Biomechanics and Cute Shoes“.

As more and more publicity surrounds OESH, more and more we hear from writers who enjoy re-presenting the published medical evidence foundational to the development of OESH footwear and Casey’s story in particular. As noted above, NSBE is the third magazine this month, joining Today’s Medical Developments and VIVmag.com, to feature OESH and Casey! We are very pleased to see excellent niche publications report on the compelling movement toward our unique, healthy footwear–and are always happy to discuss OESH, your enjoyment, and the growth we are seeing, with other solid media entities looking to feature our compelling business success story.

Thanks Peter and Thanks NSBE!

Casey with Mickey the filament winder in Fall, 2012 for NSBE Bridge

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