OESH’s got the Power!

Last month we exceeded the amperage that our current electrical service could provide. To keep things going, as well as to begin using our new machines, we added not just another electrical service, but an additional utility pole with a specific type of transformer that powers our manufacturing equipment in the most efficient way.

It involved a bit of paperwork. At one point I heard, “Oh miss, only the University uses that kind of power.” But in the end, Dominion-Virginia Power came through in a big way. In less than four hours these awesome guys (and trucks) dug a deep hole, brought in and planted the pole, attached the new transformers and brought wires across the street to a tower that feeds directly into the OESH factory.

So on my way home, I hear on the radio, the famous song snippet from SNAP, “I’ve got the power!”

Indeed we do.

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