credits OESH & Dr. Casey Kerrigan’s research for sparking minimalist running boom

VIVmag offers insight, advice and authentic stories to inspire and motivate women in their quest for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Casey was highly impressed with their request, through writer Victoria Clayton, to discuss the remarkable research published by Casey and her colleagues on the detrimental effect of traditional running shoes on (especially) our knees in the recently posted Fall, 2012 issue.

VIV has a neat idea, publishing its content on-line only. It is quite satisfying to see such a state-of-the-art magazine focus on the cutting edge research of Casey. The article, MINIMAL TO THE MAX, leads with “Is less cushioning and support the secret to better running and fewer injuries? One expert is certain the new stripped-down running shoes are on the right track.” As long as they refer to the Harvard Indoor Track, we certainly agree…thanks again Victoria, and Viva la VIV!

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