OESH Sells Out! Lizard 11s join Classic 10s, 11s, Lizard 10s, Licorice 8s, & 10s as official Collector’s Items

The demand has been furious here–in the first 21 days of this new year we’ve already seen 3 (that’s THREE) different Limited Editions sell out!!!

The final size 11 Lizards flew out of the factory today. Off they go, away to a better life…one pair to Kentucky (thank-you Jeanna!) and the other to the Highlands of Scotland (thank-you John!). And to think the journey began in our humble factory here in Virginia…though we sometimes get pretty attached to these awesome shoes, we are supremely delighted when they go to a good home. Bon voyage, our Cantilevered friends!

For those of you seriously challenged by footwear needs in the size 10 and size 11 range, we heartily endorse our remaining Sandals inventory where we still have 7 of the original 8 Limited Editions in stock. Especially for those of you looking for a rugged foot-partner as spring nears, the Athletic Sandals might be your ticket. Just sayin’.

Moreover, the intensity is very high at hq as we earnestly prepare the all-new styles of OESH for the 2013 year. We will surely inform you when these new OESH are ready to make their debut. In the meanwhile, Thank-you so much for your response to the ongoing power that OESH continues to demonstrate for you.


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