OESH Sells Out! Licorice 8s join Classic 10s, 11s, Lizard 10s, & Licorice 10s as official Collector’s Items

On the eve of springtime, the last size 8 Licorice Suede Sandal now finds itself on the very happy feet of a New Jersey OESHer…on her way to Florida for some fun in the sun. We are appreciative of all of you size 8s who made this happen!

Our tune remains the same…we are moving at a nice pace to have the new OESH manufactured and made available to you during the next few months. Selling out only increases the work we do in creating a new OESH you’ll like a whole bunch, too.

Yet, we’re always amazed/delighted that your demand has us out of stock in any of our lines. We suggest you try any of the 7 (3 Suede and 4 Athletic) size 8 Sandals we have available, especially the all-black Panther Athletics. In the meanwhile, we’ll keep working as hard as we can to get you these newest OESH as soon as possible. Thanks so much!

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