OESH Sells Out! Classic 7.5s join Classic 10s, 11s, Lizard 10s, 11s, Licorice 8s, & 10s as official Collector’s Items

The demand remains white hot here–we’ve already had four separate Limited Editions sell out in 2013, and it’s only February!!!!

We just moved the last pair of Classic 7.5s (thank-you Merlin!). Unlike the final size 11 Lizards, which went all the way to the Scottish Highlands, this 7.5 stayed in the state of Virginia, albeit 100 miles away from the factory.






Importantly for those of you at this size, we still have our great looking Lizard 7.5s available. These and all of our Sandals in size 7 remain in good supply. For this week, anyway.

At hq we continue the work preparing the all-new styles of OESH for the 2013 year. When these new OESH are ready to make their debut, we shall certainly notify you via email. In the meanwhile, to emphasize what we said at the time of our last sellout, Thank-you so much for your response to the ongoing power that OESH continues to demonstrate for you.


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