OESH Sells Out! All Classics now worn by OESHers, pressure builds for new OESH styles!!!

Congratulations OESHers, you now wear every single pair of Classics, the original OESH shoe!

OESH ClassicEqualPorky Pig-That's all Folks!







That “whooshing” sound you hear is the breeze now circulating through the factory shelves, awaiting the imminent NEW OESH!!! Stay tuned, as these will be announced shortly–and we can hardly wait to show them to you. Questions about the new line? We’ve got the Answer–“YES”, they are going to deliver an extraordinary footwear experience…all their own.


6 replies on “OESH Sells Out! All Classics now worn by OESHers, pressure builds for new OESH styles!!!

  • harriet hutzler

    I am enjoying my two pairs of Oesh shoes very, very much! Are any new styles coming out? I hope so!

    Harriet Hutzler

    • Bob

      Harriet: We are working like crazed dogs right now to both add to the La Vida lineup AND create something awesome for later in 2014. Thanks so much for checking in…and stay tuned–you are on our Priority Email List and you’ll be the first to know what’s cookin’ when it’s ready to come out of the oven! -Bob @ OESH Service

  • Tracy

    I keep reading about these shoes..sad that there is still no availability? CAn I get on your email list when they arrive? I am wanting to start up zumba again but will not do so until I have a great pair of shoes bc I think I got plantar fascitis from overworking it last time! It’s better now, but I don’t want to stoke the dragon! I usually wear a 8.5 in shoes and a 9 in athletic shoes/boots…so a 9?

    • Bob

      Tracy: Thanks so much for your note, and Welcome to OESH! We will immediately place your email handle onto our priority list…this assures you of being informed the day the new line of OESH launches so you get the first chance to pre-order. We’ve had great success helping women enjoy Zumba and other athletic sports that demand footwear with superior lateral stability. The new line will be awesome for dance! And yes, you are certainly right on the button to be ordering an OESH 9–we always always always want your forefoot to have a full range of uninhibited natural movement in every step you take. All the best, -Bob @ OESH Service

  • Michael

    Pleeeeeassssseeee let me have my next pair of Oesh shoes!
    Happy to share photos of my totally treadbare Black classics …. have hardly left my feet for 18 months. Yup, need new pair urgently.
    Can’t wait to see new dfesigns and availability
    keep it up OESH

    • Bob

      Heh Michael.

      GREAT to hear from you–you will be PSYCHED when you get a look at the new OESH (only a week or two away, I think), and we’ll have plenty of size 11 available. Business has been tremendous for us and I believe you will be blown away with the numerous improvements the new line will deliver. ’til then,
      -Bob @ OESH Service


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