Hiking the Appalachian Trail in OESH

America’s ultimate hiking path east of the mighty Mississippi is the extraordinary Appalachian Trail. The “A.T.” was conceptualized by Benton MacKaye in the October 1921 publication of “An Appalachian Trail: A Project in Regional Planning” in the Journal of the American Institute of Architects. Ultimately it was the leadership of Myron Avery which enabled the establishment of a continuous 2,000 mile stretch from Mt. Oglethorpe in Georgia to Baxter Peak on Katahdin in Maine in 1937. Here are MacKaye (left) and Avery, prior to the launch of the OESH Classics:

MacKaye & Avery--AT founders

Even better…we have photos(!!!) of two remarkable OESHers, taken about 850 miles apart on the A.T. Both Kathy Duff 12Y.OESHer on the Appalachian Trail...Kathy Duff




and Ann Mallek snapped these images of their well-enjoyed Classics on equally remarkable hikes, 12Y.OESHer on the Appalachian Trail...Ann Mallekshowcasing the best of OESH–enabling each of you the finest natural experience enabled by the world’s healthiest footwear. Knowing these two women, they’ll probably keep hiking in those Classics until they meet one another at their halfway point, somewhere near the Maryland & Pennsylvania border.

Go Kathy!

Go Ann!

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