OESH Sells Out! Licorice 7s join Licorice 8 and 10 as official Collector’s Items

Apropos of our most recent blog describing the high demand we’ve been having for our Sandals, we sold our final pair of Licorice 7 Suede Sandals. Thank-you Joan in Minnesota!

OESH Suede Sandal Licorice




We LOVE that your demand has us out of stock in any of our lines! It’s getting to the edge of spring, and we sure encourage you try any of the 7 (3 Suede and 4 Athletic) size 7 Sandals we have available, especially the all-black Panther Athletics. Stay tuned for our announcement on the new OESH, in the next several business days…we’re busy, and delighted to be so. Thanks so much!



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