OESH Sandals proving to be sturdy sellers as spring moves forward

As noted in many of our recent posts, we’ve been zeroed in on developing a potent new manufacturing process for the imminent launch of the new OESH shoe line. But even though our focus has been unstinting, an unexpected surprise has emerged. Both the AthleticOESH Athletic Sandal Panther




and soft SuedeOESH Suede Sandal Sequoia Sandals




have been in great demand, especially since the beginning of March.

Each of the styles deploy the robust cantilever midsole of our sold out Classics and still available Lizards, but the consistency of your buying OESH Sandals has been another gratifying business development for us. For sure we knew the shoes were going to be our bread and butter sellers. But the Sandals–especially since we had to become expert cobblers to make them properly–were a really fun way for us to expand the range of OESH in a complementary manner. And there is no doubt that you have a clear choice between them–the Athletics are able to take a rugged session of extreme activity and keep on ticking, whereas the Suedes have been especially enjoyable for casual wear and around the home.

Now in the second year of placing these onto your feet, we couldn’t be happier that we invested the energy and resources on building them for you!

But now it’s back to the grindstone…gotta get the new OESH ready for primetime!

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