Pearls Before Swine contributes comic relief to OESH manufacturing

Stephan Pastis is the creative genius behind the wonderful comic strip, Pearls Before Swine. A loyal UC Berkeley grad, Pastis has delighted all members of our family for many years with his anthropomorphic genius. Even better, we took a trip to see him at a bookstore in Washington, D.C. last year. Steph’s presentation was equal parts hilarity and inspiration. And best of all, he was gracious and engaging with each of our daughters. If you haven’t been exposed to Rat, Pig, Goat, and all their pals on a daily basis, consider yourself lucky, as you are in for a tremendous entertainment experience. Such as:

13Y.01.01 Pearls Before Swine

2 replies on “Pearls Before Swine contributes comic relief to OESH manufacturing

  • Jean Lanham

    What a coincidence! I must have been at the same place with my grandson. That’s what he asked me for his birthday – take him to the presentation and to get an autographed copy We were in pig heaven!

    • Bob


      How awesome–Wasn’t the slide where Pastis showed that getting hit by lightning as a higher probability than getting a cartoon strip nationally syndicated the best? It’s the old joke of someone asking a New Yorker How do you get to Carnegie Hall? and the answer is “Practice, Practice, Practice.” Gotta love that we were right there with you in that bookstore!


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