Fifteen years ago, there was no youtube. But there was Barbara Walters, Hugh Downs and the rest of the ABC team who covered my first research paper on the effect of high heels on the knees.

A few things to note on this re-released (onto youtube) ABC 20/20 segment:

(1) I had just given birth to Kellyn and had to take numerous breaks during the filming to go pump breast milk.

(2) I had to wear tons of makeup and get a manicure. Note my nice glossy fingernail demonstrating the knee joint torques.

(3) Subsequent research by me and others showed that not just high-heels but virtually ALL non-OESH women’s shoes, whether for dress, comfort, or running, abnormally increase joint torques and pressures related to knee osteoarthritis.

(4) The segment is “so ’90’s.”

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