Tips for getting to the gym

My friends over at The Natural Running Center re-posted my blog on tips for treadmill training and along with it, Bill Katovsky posted this nice piece…

Headed to the Gym? You Might Save Money, Not with a Membership but Paying Per Visit

Bill includes good scientific data (what we OESHers love!) to support paying per visit rather than committing to a gym membership.

Reading his article reminds me of joining this “to die for” new gym in West Los Angeles back when I was a resident physician (around the time lycra was invented). It had a (whoah) smoothy bar. I was sold. But guess how many times I went there over the 3 month membership time that I paid for? Once. No, actually, zero, if you don’t include the time that I signed up.

But I do think gym memberships can be a great value. Our family has belonged to the same sports club for over ten years. During the winter, at least one of us goes there each day to run on the treadmill. And there’s a million other things we do at the gym too – play squash, rock climb, swim, and of course, drink smoothies. I’m pretty sure, just with the number of showers we take there, that we’re getting the full economic value that Bill’s talking about. Not to mention the socialization and chance to win “Workout Warrior of the Week.”

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