OESH La Vida v2.0 Winning On and Off the Field

DSC_0311The Charlottesville High School (CHS) Girls’ Varsity Lacrosse Team hasn’t won a district championship, in maybe ever. But this year could be different because they might just have a fighting chance. One, they have some outstanding players including two of Dr. Casey Kerrigan and Bob Kusyk’s daughters – Jayme (senior who has been captain since her sophomore year) and Kellyn (up and coming sophomore). Two, they have some tremendous coaches, including me, who, besides being the chief designer and factory foreman at OESH, is the assistant coach for CHS.

One of the things I’m working on is “winning the draw.” After each goal, two opposing players face off, projecting the ball into the air. Whichever team gets the ball at that point has the advantage of possession and treks down the field to score. Specifically, if one of the players in the face-off is able to manipulate where to send the ball, she herself can actually acquire the ball, which is a huge advantage. One of the girls I’m working with on the draw is Kellyn, who is becoming quite proficient! Notice the charcoal La Vida v2.0 Kellyn is wearing below as she is about to take the draw. The OESH logo is painted orange since their school colors are black and orange!

DSC_0029-1024x680Although we did not design the La Vida’s specifically as “Turf Shoes,” Dr. Kerrigan knew with the special combination of materials in which we are using, that the sole would provide the perfect amount of traction to grip the turf when running and cutting while simultaneously allowing the foot to be able to twist on the ground when needed. Having a completely flat and responsive sole allows for perfect v-cuts and transitions from attack to defense. Furthermore, they are incredibly light so don’t weigh you down when jumping for the draw or sprinting down the field passing all opponents. Even the ref liked Kellyn’s shoes when she wore her deep wisteria OESH La Vida v2.0. The ref approached her at the draw and commented “Cool shoes bro.”

DSC_0126-1024x680See Kellyn run. Viva La Vida!

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