Another News Article on High Heeled Shoes

My friend, Bill Katovsky, from the Natural Running Center, just forwarded me a link to this New York Times article about women undergoing surgery to make it easier to wear high heels and the doctors who do the surgeries. The article, like many news articles on women’s high-heeled shoes, makes me kind of want to vomit and I’m hoping that Bill doesn’t expect me to formally review it.

I don’t blame the New York Times. In the past they’ve done some wonderful articles on my research showing the detrimental effects of different types of women’s shoes, from high-heeled stilettos to so-called “sensible” low-heeled shoes and traditional running shoes. As have a number of other media sources. So, rather than (1) expound on the data supporting that no matter what kind of foot surgery one has, high-heels will have the same, if not more, detrimental effects on the entire body, not just the foot, or (2) vomit, I went to find one of my favorite syndicated articles on high heels, written by one of my all-time favorite, now retired, journalists, Ellen Goodman.

Interesting that when I tried to google up the article, I stumbled upon a blog post written by Maria Shriver that began with…

“Feminism seems to be having a comeback lately – though my good friend Gloria Steinem would argue it’s never gone anywhere.”

Anyways, I couldn’t find the article online but did find it readily, under a glass frame, hanging up on the “trophy” wall of my office. (To read it, just click on the image.)


Minor update…with OESH, I no longer have a problem finding flat shoes – for myself or for my, now, three daughters. And neither does Ellen Goodman, who, as you might imagine, was one our very first OESHers.

Maria, I’m with you…Feminism IS making a comeback.

Viva La Vida.

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