La Vida v2.0 Takes Root In Media

Our recently released OESHer Email #19 was extraordinary. The depth of our Media reach in February and March was the subject matter. These linked pages (below) have spawned a great deal of interest within and beyond our community of OESHers, so for those of you who may have only glanced at the Email when it was first delivered, we’ve re-posted it here in its entirety…and you’ve got to LOVE the flower petals!!!

Viva La Vida!


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All here at OESH, and especially YOU, the OESHers wearing them on your feet, can take great pride with the flurry of recent publicity surrounding the OESH Concept and the La Vida v2.0.



  • In early March, “The world’s largest professional association for the advancement of technology”, aka the prestigious Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, published online through the IEEE Pulse, The Race to Build a Better Shoe.
  • The topper was on the final day of the month, as the American College of Sports Medicine (the largest sports medicine and exercise science organization in the world) completely overhauled its description of the Characteristics of a good, safe running shoe. Using the boundary lines formed by 3 major shifts in critical thinking, the ACSM all but described the La Vida v2.0 in name, with the March 31 position paper: Selecting Running Shoes.

Like a spring flower, the momentum behind OESH, the healthiest footwear ever made for women, is blooming.

However, instead of putting the ol’ feet up on the desk, we are efforting like mad dogs to produce some new colors of the La Vida v2.0 with a bit of summer sizzle to them. Stay tuned, as we’ll be showing them to you in a few weeks. We cannot wait—and in the meanwhile, keep moving in your OESH, because more OESH is coming around the corner for you in 2014.


-The OESH Team


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