OESHer of the Week: My Sister Kellyn

In the summer of 2012, Ella Evans, one of OESH’s star interns, started the concept of the OESHer of the Week Contest. The Contest idea was wonderful and a real hit while it lasted, but quickly got out of hand as there were always so many OESHers to celebrate that we couldn’t possibly choose a winner. Anyhow, I thought I’d bring the contest back, for a limited time only (my very first week working at OESH), and give the award to one very special OESHer who just happens to be my younger sister, Kellyn (age 16). (Nepotism at its finest–you’ll recall that one of Ella’s OESHer of the Week articles was awarded to her awesome mom, Dr. Mary Evans.)

A few weeks ago, our lacrosse team celebrated the end of the Charlottesville Black Knights’ best season in approximately ten years—largely due to the efforts of Kellyn, affectionately known to all of our players as “the work-horse,” ever since she led our team with ten goals in a critical 26-25 barnburner win over one of our major rival schools. Kellyn’s activity on the lacrosse field is rather equine—our star midfielder charges up and down the field, seemingly tireless (she never had a sub—or asked for one—throughout the entire season). Literally no one in the district can catch Kellyn when, ball in stick, she heads straight for the opposing goal at a dead gallop.

It should come as no surprise that Kellyn played all of her games and practices in her OESH LaVidas, alternating between her White Sands and Deep Wisterias.

The reason, of course, for Kellyn’s success is not simply talent, which she has in abundance, but also her spirit of enthusiasm and, yes, work ethic. At least four days every week throughout our three-and-a-half-month season, she put herself through a grueling interval track workout after coming home from lacrosse practice!

Towards the end of our season, she was cajoled by her wonderful Indoor Track coach into running the 800 at an invitational meet, and—no surprises here—won her heat and qualified for the regional meet. At said regional meet, held this past Friday, Kellyn ran a 2:23.08 in her second 800-meter ever, winning her heat yet again, and qualifying for the Virginia State 800-meter.

I’m just about out of my mind with excitement to watch soror mea run this Saturday in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Whatever the outcome of the race, it’s fairly clear that Kellyn’s time and place will be up to her strength, steadfastness and genuine joy in giving it her all.


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