OESHer of the Week: Kenny

OESHer of the Week is back: and, this time, for a very special installment.

Charlottesville High School’s own Marissa Tierney is an OESHer, and quite possibly the best AP English Language teacher on the face of the planet.  But although she certainly deserves a page of her own, our focus today is on her eighteen-month-old son, Kenny.  As anyone who’s ever had or cared for a baby could probably guess, there aren’t very many words in Kenny’s lexicon so far…”Mommy”, “Daddy”, and “Yeah!” flesh out the bulk of his vocabulary. However, one proper noun in particular seems to have taken hold: “OESH”.  Yes, for the past few weeks, Kenny has been repeatedly intoning the name of the most innovative shoe company in the world.  The impressiveness/cuteness is almost too much to handle:

Kenny is our very first male OESHer of the Week.  Although he’s a little too small as yet to fit into our La Vida v2.0, I don’t think anyone will begrudge him the title.  We here at OESH feel that he certainly deserves it.

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