OESHers LOVE the Back To School SALE, now extended through 9/7/14!!!

OESHer Email #21Life at OESH continues to be incredibly active. I think we’ve all been amazed at not only how much manufacturing we can get done, but how much fun it is to do the manufacturing, too. Not to mention the designing of all-things-OESH, which is the overarching thought behind the super products you enjoy.

A virtuous circle, you might say.

Since the beginning of the month when we first emailed everyone on our OESHer Priority Email List a discount code for the Back to School Sale on any of the six La Vida v2.0′s, it has been CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY busy while we’ve filled all the backorders.

Of course, the first thing we did when we finally caught up this week, was in looking at one another, we said “let’s go for it!” and thusly, WE’VE EXTENDED THE SALE until Sunday September 7, for the entire BTS week beyond Labor Day.

As we mentioned before, if you’re not on our list or know someone else who would like to take advantage of this opportunity to clip a significant amount from the sticker price (ongoing for another week-plus), we’d encourage taking a look-see at our La Vidas and writing to service@oeshshoes.com for the discount code. Which we will be happy to provide you.

Viva La Vida!!!

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