Thinking Outside the Boundaries

Who knew that making shoes would involve cutting so much metal? Recently, we cut all new slats for our Waterjet Saw. Slats are the long, sleek metal pieces that lay in the tank and hold the material about to be cut. I know, quite ironic that we cut slats on top of slats to make new slats. Anyway, we had about 10 slats in the tank which was sufficient but decided we needed more to maximize our cutting area. The problem was that the metal came in 4 x 8 sheets however; our cutting area is not that large. Therefore, we did what we do best here at OESH, put on our thinking caps and thought of a way to complete the unthinkable. We figured that with one cut here and an eleven degree cut there we could maneuver the piece to the exact angle where we could make perfect cuts for the slats.


Waterjet Saw cutting slats from metal sheet.

After much brainstorming of how to cut the slats ourselves, we ended up with 35 new ones which, as you can see, was well worth the extra work! Bring on more cutting!


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