Featured Speaker at the Maker Faire

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“A maker is a person or thing that makes or produces something.” Historically a maker does metalworking, woodworking, and/or traditional arts and crafts, but more recently the term “maker” has become synonymous with being engaged in engineering-oriented pursuits such as electronics, robotics, 3D manufacturing, and the use of CNC tools. Insofar as OESH, unlike any other shoe company that we are aware of, employs all these latest high tech methods to make shoes, we qualify as modern-day makers.

In fact, it was quite an honor to be featured at the Maker’s Faire in Charlottesville, Virginia this weekend. Right alongside one of the most famous makers of the United States, Thomas Jefferson.

In about 20 minutes I jam packed all there is to know about OESH and the future of shoe design and manufacturing…from my research that informs the design of shoes to the futuristic, high-tech engineering, including 3D design and CNC tools that we’ve been using to make OESH shoes. As it was a fairly technical crowd, I expected some technical questions. I didn’t get any. Rather, I got the “why don’t you make shoes for men?” The answer is, “Sorry guys, women first. (But if you’re a size 10 or smaller, go for it – just order two sizes bigger.)”

My talk was followed with an act by a Thomas Jefferson masked impersonator. Funny…no one asked him why the things he made (like the University of Virginia) were only for men.


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