“OESHers Say” Replaces Testimonials

We recently modified one of our major website headings, changing the label of “Testimonials” to what we believe is a more-accurate representation of what you can expect from an OESH product, now under the heading of “OESHers Say”.

Given our wholly unique foundation–a footwear company based entirely upon medical science research, we are very careful not to promise results for medical conditions. Of course, that makes all of the OESH products even more compelling–they have a level of hard-wired scientific integrity behind every stitch, fiber, and melted pellet unavailable in any other shoe.

OESHers Say has always been, consequently, your section of oeshshoes.com. And the coolest facet of this is, we won’t touch the content (unless you see the clarifying “OESH ed.:” add within a message) as the tone, words, and vibe is 100% yours.

OESHers say

OESHers Say

And those stories of product successes are extraordinary–just look at the massive numbers of compelling stories/posts that you decided were worth sharing to the OESHer community:

La Vida v2.0-46 posts
customer service-43 posts
plantar fasciitis-39 posts
Morton’s neuroma-38 posts
walking-24 posts
knee pain-20 posts
running-13 posts
metatarsalgia-6 posts

There’s nothing that matches your story, told your way. OESHers Say, indeed!

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