The National Library of Medicine is the best resource to find out what scientific articles a certain individual has ever published. For example, to see what I’ve published, you type in my last name, Kerrigan, followed by my initials, dc, and up will pop a list of most every peer-reviewed scientific article I’ve ever published, including my most recent article, “The Race to Build a Better Shoe.”

“The Race to Build a Better Shoe” is different from my other scientific articles in that it’s not just one hypothesis-driven research study but rather a summary of my research studies and in it, I describe how all that research led me to make OESH. Unlike the typical scientific article, this piece includes a candid, somewhat personal section that the editors asked me to write, to inspire other scientists (particularly women scientists) to translate their research into a successful product. Meaning, this is the most candid, juiciest scientific article I’ve ever written.

In fact, ever since “The Race to Build a Better Shoe” was uploaded into the National Library of Medicine’s database (which only includes the article summaries), we’ve been getting loads of requests for the full length article, not just in the online format which is available here, but in its original, printed, unadulterated PDF format with that candid inset, entitled “From Scientist to Entrepreneur,” featuring a lovely picture of me up on top of the injection molding machine with wrench in hand.

So here it is (below), as a PDF, in all its glory. Enjoy!


The Race to Build a Better Shoe

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