OESH Charlottesville receives some political love

The OESH Factory is located in an industrial area of Charlottesville, Virginia. Unlike many cities that have substantial issues in managing heavy volumes of industrial waste, for the most part, Charlottesville’s urban economic area is vibrant without being overtly grimy. We’ve always felt fortunate to be embedded in our community as OESH grows–it’s great to be in the midst of such activity. Just beyond the recent elections here, we caught this interview from a creative and thoughtful candidate, Anson Parker, for the Charlottesville City Council (Anson’s full interview on the Charlottesville Tomorrow website, chock full of intelligent ideas, can be found here).

Question 10.
JOBS: What specifically should city council do to promote employment and
what type of jobs will be your priority?
Well, it won’t be making more hoteliers. I think what we really need…there are some great businesses in town.
Let’s talk about this. I mean, OESH Shoes with Casey Kerrigan. Here’s a woman who’s just brilliant, and I don’t say that often but she really is. And she’s in-sourcing just incredible types of work so she’s
got employees that she’s training in machining, running a water jet. These are really
powerful tools that allow for an incredible amount of innovation. And she has taken shoe design to 11.
But what that means is that she has trained a lot of people in all these types of machinery, and now they’re employees who can make a viable living.


WHAM!, Anson lays out the long-term economic benefit of developing a modern, highly-productive workforce and references one of the brilliant movies of the 1980s…Who says developing a credible economic plan can’t be fun?

Taking shoe design and politics to 11…now that’s our idea of good government!

This is Spinal Tap--1984






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