Summer is Here at OESH!


Maroon Athena Sandals- OESH

Hello OESHers! I’m Maggie, and my fellow intern Emma and I are super excited to be working at OESH this summer!

This afternoon, after working on computers all morning, we tightened the straps on our Athena sandals and hopped down to the Rivanna River to take some photos and get some fresh air. After weeks of rain, it felt great to be out in the sunshine, and the sun was great for taking pictures, too! The photo above is my favorite from today, a pair of maroon Athena sandals in their natural environment. We got a little muddy traipsing through the river, but we rinsed off our sandals in the water and the Charlottesville summer heat quickly dried us off.

We’ll be here all summer, so stay tuned for more photos and possibly some new designs! I hope everyone’s summer is off to a great start!


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