Bringing 3D Printed Shoes and a Healthy Lifestyle to Instagram

OESH shoes is now on Instagram! Follow us @oeshshoes to see OESH shoes in action, as well as to hear about new styles and updates from the factory.

Live in color, live in OESH #OESHlife #rainbow

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We always love to see our #OESHers in action! If you have an instagram account, here are some hashtags to use so that we can find you:


The OESH life is all about being happy and healthy. We use #OESHlife to tag photos representing the day to day and life’s little pleasures that we experience while wearing OESH shoes. We also like to use this hashtag to show our customers a little peek into our work at the factory and to share a little about the people who make OESH shoes.



OESH are great for all kinds of activities and sports! The simple design of OESH shoes makes them ideal for all kinds of ways to stay active and fit. Examples of what OESHers do in their Athena Sandals and LaVida Sneakers include: running, zumba, lacrosse, fly fishing, crossfit, gardening, hiking, squash, and many more!

Love to travel? OESH shoes are great walking shoes for exploring everywhere from big cities to back country. OESHers live all around the world, so there’s plenty of opportunities for new examples of #wherewillOESHtakeyou. Some places featured on our instagram so far include: Berlin, Victoria Falls, Philadelphia, and Greyrock Mountain in Colorado. Can we get OESHers to take photos of #wherewillOESHtakeyou on every continent? Antarctica might be a little cold for La Vidas, so make sure to layer up your wool socks.

Laxin' and Relaxin' in OESH #howdoyouOESH #lacrosse #OESHlife

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