OESH Shoes featured on Style Wise

OESH Shoes recently teamed up with the lovely Leah Wise to do a collaboration on Style Wise, a fair trade and sustainable fashion blog.

Check out Leah’s blog post,

The Moral Wardrobe: Wear Anywhere OESH Shoes, 3-D Printed in Charlottesville.

Leah Wise OESH shoes

Leah rocking Snapdragon Athena Sandals with a summery maxi dress-Photo courtesy Leah Wise

Leah lives in Charlottesville, Virginia and writes Style Wise, which explores ethical and sustainable fashion and living through a practical and empathetic lens.

Leah Wise OESH shoes sporty

Leah creates a polished sporty look with her Snapdragon Athena Sandals – Photo courtesy of Leah Wise

Leah’s blog post points out several of the ways we try to make OESH Shoes as environmentally sustainable as we can,

including the biodegradable TPU pellets we use with our 3D printers to make sandals and our injection molded La Vida soles, which don’t use any of the toxic glues or harsh chemicals used in traditional shoe manufacturing.

Leah also lets her followers know that OESH is “a woman-owned, woman operated company.”

Being owned and operated by women is something we are very proud of, especially as a company involved with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). In fact, this Spring Casey was chosen to receive a STEP  Award (Science, Technology, Engineering and Production), which honors women in manufacturing.

In her post, Leah says,

“I wore these every day for 7 days when I was out of town a couple weeks ago and my feet have never been happier. I’m serious. It’s tempting to wear them every day with everything. And somehow they work with everything, even boho maxi dresses.”

Leah has already styled her Snapdragon Athena Sandals on her blog in a couple of different ways from sporty to frilly. This is very encouraging to me, since I wear my own OESH Shoes all day-everyday, with everything from workout clothes to sundresses. When they are comfortable and flexible enough to go straight from a morning hike to a neighborhood cookout, it helps that they’re cute, too!

Be sure to go to Leah’s blog and instagram tomorrow for a chance to win your very own pair of the new Artemis Sandal! You can also browse the OESH instagram and shop pages to think about what color you would like if you win! We are currently offering the Artemis in Sunset, Obsidian, and Shamrock, as well as three new colors: Wineberry, Moonrise, and Dark Moss.



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