Artemis Sandals Revamped for 2017!

Last Summer we debuted our Artemis Sandal, a sporty twist on the Athena Sandal with the same wonderfully springy 3D printed sole.

Just in time for this sandal season, we have improved our Artemis Sandals with better straps AND more colors!

The new straps on our Artemis sandals are softer and stronger than ever.  This makes for a perfect fit and maximum comfort, whether you’re pounding the pavement or forging a river.  The toe strap makes the Artemis great for all your favorite summer activities, including water sports like kayaking, canoeing, and dancing in the rain!  We’ve also been working on our 3D printed sole, to make sure we’re giving you a sandal that is as refreshingly light and springy as we can.  We offer the Artemis Sandals in six bold colors: Obsidian, Moonrise, Sapphire, Dark Moss, Wineberry, and Aubergine.

If the Athena Sandal is still more your style, or if the feeling of something between your toes really grinds your gears, never fear! All the little updates we’ve made to our 3D printing program are true for the Athena sole as well, and we still have a slew of colors available, ranging the whole rainbow.

Fun OESH Fact: Did you know that your 3D printed Artemis and Athena Sandals are made just for you? We make our sandals on demand at our Charlottesville, Virginia factory. After you order a pair, we set one of our special OESH 3D printers to print the right size soles and cut straps in the color of your choice down to size. Making Artemis and Athena Sandals to order helps us to never run out of your favorite color or size!Aubergine sandals by OESH

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