OESH has 3D printed sandals, and they’re not just for Women anymore . . .

OESH Shoes is happy to announce the addition of

the Ares and Apollo

to their collection of 3D printed sandals!

The Ares and Apollo sandals have all the comfort and versatility of our Athena and Artemis sandals, but are modified to better fit a man’s foot.

“Finally!” sigh male OESHers around the word.

Men have been wearing OESH shoes for as long as we have been around, but not without challenges. Until now, all OESH shoes have been designed specifically for the typical woman’s foot, with a wide forefoot and narrow heel. Men’s feet are also often around 6 sizes bigger, which makes even our largest women’s sizes a little snug.

After a lot of testing and prototypes, we are ready to offer men’s sandals in stock sizes 9-13! Gone are the days of only offering custom sandals to any man over a size 10 who darkened our factory door.

The Apollo sandal, as the twin brother of the Artemis, has a toe strap for extra stability. The Ares, brother of the Athena, has a strap that goes straight across. All four styles have the same awesome springy sole which makes them great for all day wear.

This summer (and Father’s Day!), why not share the benefits of OESH you love with the men you love? Ares and Apollo sandals are offered in Dark Moss, Obsidian, and Sapphire, men’s sizes 9-13. Trying to match with your boo? You can find Athena and Artemis sandals in the same colors and more in women’s sizes 6-12.

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