National Science Foundation Awards OESH Shoes a Phase II Grant

The United States’ National Science Foundation (NSF) just awarded OESH Shoes of Charlottesville, VA

a Small Business Innovative Research Phase II Grant

The Phase II grant is to finalize the development of a patent pending pellet-based 3D printing process poised to revolutionize footwear manufacturing


A subsidiary of JKM Technologies, LLC, OESH Shoes was founded by a woman-physician-scientist-engineer, Casey Kerrigan. OESH has been making and selling comfortable, uniquely designed shoes for women since 2011. All OESH designs are based upon Dr. Kerrigan’s world-renowned research on biomechanics and gait. Dr. Kerrigan performed her research at the University of Virginia where she was a professor and chair in the School of Medicine and originally at Harvard Medical School, where she received her M.D. OESH Shoes consist of a complex blend of engineered elastomer materials. These materials work in sync with the body to minimize loads on joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons while maximizing performance.

OESH developed the 3D printing process as a means to not only prototype new designs but to actually use the process for production manufacturing. The NSF-funded technology overcomes a host of developmental challenges faced by other shoe manufacturers but will enable OESH’s 3D printing of footwear for large-scale production manufacturing. Already, OESH’s innovative Athena, Artemis, Apollo, and Ares Sandals use this 3D printing process and meeting robust consumer acceptance. This 3D printing process pushes the limits of 3D printing technology for both prototyping and production manufacturing. OESH has been able to minimize need for toxic adhesives and noxious material used in traditional shoe manufacturing while maximizing the performance of the engineered elastomer OESH Sole.

OESH footwear is currently being sold online at The OESH Factory is located at 705 Dale Ave, Suite E, Charlottesville VA. It is open to local customers on Saturdays from 12pm-3pm.

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Download OESH Press Release Here

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