The La Vida v3.0 shoe is Here!

Charcoal La Vida v3.0

You may have noticed we started making our Charcoal and Oxford La Vidas a little differently, and now…


We’re ready to unveil the whole line of La Vida v3.0!



Oxford La Vida 3.0


La Vida v3.0 sneakers have an improved upper design, a thicker sole for extra spring, and come in four classic monochrome colors.

The OESH fit allows you to focus on your life, not on your shoes. The biomechanically engineered elastomer sole offers a springy surface that works in sync with your body’s natural movement.




Sagebrush La Vida v3.0

Based directly on feedback from OESHers, the La Vida v3.0 is made to better fit a women’s foot. OESH shoes’ quintessential wide forefoot and narrow heel makes room for your toes while staying secure on your feet.

The La Vida v3.0 comes in all your new favorite neutral colors: Charcoal, Oxford, Polar Bear, and Sagebrush, in women’s sizes 6.5 – 12.


Polar Bear La Vida v3.0



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